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Hassle-free custom remap service

We only provide safe remaps all remaps that are done through the cars OBD port is classed as a safe remap as the risk of ECU damage is very low we will only tune your car to a safe limit unless a disclaimer is signed to verify that you understand the risk.

7 day guarantee

At Hardcut Remaps we offer 7 days money back guarantee unlike the another tuners. So if you not happy with our service we will give you full refund we also will return stock file into your ECU so that will remove the remap from your car if you not happy with the power delivery please note that we can’t offer money back guarantee with tuning for economy.

Best Custom Remaps in Bangor, N.I.

We provide quality remaps, our custom remaps are professionally customised We will write the maps for each car choosing the finest settings and to your requirement. We never use generic database or off the shelf files. So call us now to get started.


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